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“Words of Truth And Reason” is a monthly publication, mailed free of charge to anyone who is interested in receiving it. It contains short articles on first principle, current event, and related Bible topics, making it useful to anyone looking for something simple and spiritual to read or for Christians looking for something to use in personal evangelism.

After reading the issue, notice the review questions at the end. Send us your answers or questions you have. We want to discuss these topics with you.


March 2016  Are You a “None”?, Easter-Human Councils-Modern Religion, You Shall Be Witnesses, Modern Covenant Confusion

February 2016  Series on The Two Covenants

January 2016  Do You Want a Heart of Wisdom?, Sorrow & Sadness, Suicide & Life’s Value, Suicide: Is Life Worth Living?


December 2015  Traits of Truth: Limits, Sanctifies, Frees

November 2015  Series of studies from Hebrews 7:14

October 2015  John The Baptist, Lessons from the Life of John, Church Business & Jesus’ Gifts

September 2015  The Criminal on the Cross, The Transfiguration of Jesus, The Transfiguration: Hear Him, The Transfiguration: Peter Did Not Know. . .

August 2015T&R  Plop, Pray, and Pay; Casual Atmosphere, Serious Faith; Genderless Toy Section at Target & American Tolerance

July 2015  There is One Baptism: Spirit or Water Baptism?, God’s Grace & Marriage Laws

June 2015  First Things First: Understand God’s Word, First Things First: Marriage, First Things First: Sin & Death, First Things First: Worship

May 2015  First Things First, First Things First: Man, First Things First:  Physical Life, First Things First: Spiritual Life

April 2015  Unfamiliar Bible Words: Church (Parts 1, 2, & 3), God Did Not Send His Son… To Condemn the World

March 2015  Let’s Talk About Death (1, 2), Let’s Talk About Resurrection, After Death & Before Resurrection

February 2015  Changing the Purpose of Life, Changes Everything, Changing the Purpose of the Lord’s Supper Changes Everything , Changing the Purpose of Baptism Changes Everything,  Sanctuary

January 2015  The End Is Better Than The Beginning, The Good ‘Ole Days, Despising the Goodness of God, Despising the Severity of God


December 2014  (The End, Unfamiliar Bible Words: Fornication, By What Authority Are You Doing These Things?, Christmas: By What Authority?)

November 2014  (How Can I Know God Exists?, Who Do Men Say That I Am?, Who Do You Say That I Am?, Unexpressed Thanks, Love, & Faith)

October 2014  (Tongue-Speaking [3 parts]; What Does the Bible Say About Voting?)

September 2014  (The Bible: God’s Only Book of . . ., Love that Is From God, The True Grace of God, What is Doctrine?)

August 2014 (Taking Chances; Faith in Hebrews 11; What is Wrong with Playing Songs to God?)

July 2014  (Governments-Citizens-Churches-Christians; Families-Churches-Families; An Escape from Suicide & Sin)

June 2014 (Alcohol & Drunkenness; The Word “Wine”; Jesus Turned Water to Wine; The Medicinal Use of Alcohol)

May 2014  (Facts About Sin; Facts About Forgiveness; Baptized FOR the Remission of Sins; Looking Back at Easter)

April 2014  (Can You Understand the Bible?; Do You Understand the Bible?; How To Understand the Bible; Can We Understand the Bible Alike?)

March 2014  (Ban Bossy; Jesus & Religion; Who is in Control?)

February 2014  (Who Do You Believe? Creation vs (macro)Evolution; The Forgotten Practice of Debating; What is the Gospel?)

January 2014  (Put on the New Man; Killing Truth; When May I Tell A Lie?; A Thousand Conflicting Interpretations)


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