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  Who Is Jesus?

  Questions Atheists’ Ask: 1. Who Created God? 2. Why Does Sickness Exist If God Made Man?  3. Did Man Invent the Idea of “God”?  4. How Can I Be Sure God Exists?

  Evolution: Ham-Nye Debate  Who Do You Believe? Debating: The Forgotten Practice of Jesus


First Things: Physical Life    First Things: Sin & Death
We Need To Talk About Death (1)    We Need To Talk About Death (2)
We Need To Talk About Resurrection      After Death, Before Resurrection
Sorrow & Sadness   Do You Want To Be Happy?   Days of Prosperity & Adversity

Suicide (excerpt): “Suicide leaves family and friends devastated, with many unanswered questions. Often they ask ‘Is suicide sinful?’. . . Like “left and right” or “up and down,” “life and death” are inseparable pairs. So, questions about suicide must consider both life and death and the source of life—

  Family- Who Is A Homemaker?  What About My Husband?!  What Children Need Most
Genderless Toy Sections & American Tolerance (TARGET’s decision to “remove reference to gender” in their bedding and toy departments)

Individual Responsibility  God’s plan for the government and individual citizens

Ban Bossy” (1)  “Ban Bossy” (2)  God’s plan versus society’s plan for women

Rescued from sin–

When Will God Save Me?

Escape From Suicide & Sin In One Night (parts 1 & 2)

Do you know— Common Questions About Faith  Faith’s Role In Salvation?  Repentance’s Role In Salvation?   Confession’s Role In Salvation? Immersion’s Role In Salvation?     

The Mourners Bench Causes God To Mourn (click on the title to read this expanded version of our article from the Dec. 11, 2012 issue of Arkansas Weekly)

Basics of Baptism

Study the Bible to learn about the one baptism (Ephesians 4:5):
1. Jesus’ blood washes us from sin in baptism (Romans 6:3)  We are baptized into Christ’s death. His death was the occasion when He offered His body and blood for the remission of sins (Matthew 26:28). His blood washes us when we are baptized into His death.
2. Happens after belief (Mark 16:16)  God did not reveal “infant baptism.” Belief is before baptism.
3. Means immersion (Romans 6:4, buried)  To be “baptized” by being sprinkled with water is like running by hopping. Running is not hopping, and baptism is not sprinkling. Baptism is a burial.
4. In water (Acts 8:38)
5. For the remission of sins (Acts 2:38; Matthew 26:28)
6. Adds us to the church [the saved] (1 Corinthians 12:13)
7. Is a part of calling on the name of the Lord (Acts 22:16) We cannot call upon the Lord for salvation by faith or words alone—it must include the one baptism.
8. Saves us (1 Peter 3:21)  Have you been taught that baptism does not save us? Read Peter’s words!

Understanding the Bible:  Can You Understand The Bible?   Do You Understand the Bible?
How to Understand the Bible   Can We Understand the Bible Alike? 

Hebrews 7:14   Hebrews 7:14 & Silence   Heb. 7:14 & New Law  Heb. 7:14 & Priesthood


* Does your church have a sanctuary? Have You Been To A Sanctuary?

* What is wrong with worshiping God by playing songs? Read this and let us know your thoughts on this subject.

The Lord’s Supper

Speaking in Tongues

The Church and the churches

Unfamiliar Bible Words: Church: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Three Views of the Local Church: God’s View   The World’s View  Christian’s Views

Must I Be In The Church of Christ To Be Saved?

Churches of Christ

Fellowship Halls  (as appeared in Arkansas Weekly, July 11, 2012
* A more thorough study of “Fellowship Halls”:  Who Put Fellowship In Fellowship Halls?

Would Jesus Rock This House?   Click on the title (left) to see whether the Ash Flat Church of Christ’s 2011 “Rock This House” event (featuring Jennifer Rothschild)  is consistent with their claim to “glorify Jesus and to live for Him by following the examples that He set”

Before Free Will Baptist Churches Existed (1727)

Have you seen the movie by Kirk Cameron (known also for his roles in the “Left Behind” movies), “Monumental”? If so, notice some related lessons and send us your thoughts: Monumental Lessons (1) & Monumental Lessons (2)

God Cares… (a series) 

…What We Eat (Cannibalism)   … Who We Marry   … Who We Divorce     …When Divorce Happens    

God Cares How   … How We Eat The Lord’s Supper   … How We Pray   … How We Sing   … How We Give   The True Grace of God

Articles deal with the sin of drunkenness:
1. Alcohol & Drunkenness

2. Define the word “Wine”
3. Jesus’ Miracle at the Wedding in Cana (John 2)  Did Jesus make intoxicating wine?
4. Alcohol & Medicine  (Medicinal Use of Alcohol  extended article)

[For further study view these charts: Holiness Versus Intoxication  and contact us for a free CD of this lesson]

What Are The Differences Between Christmas & Jesus’ Birth?

The Christmas season in Batesville is usually signaled by the appearance of manger scenes around town. The typical manger scene displays factual error about what happened at Jesus’ birth, causing us to ask a question Jesus often asked, in our current newspaper article,: Have You Not Read the Scripture? After reading this article also read– God Warns About Human Traditions (or God Warns About Human Traditions an expanded version for extra study).

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