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This is a new section of our website. If you are interested in listening to more lessons, contact us (comment at bottom of page, email, or phone call). Sermons are in MP3 format. You may download any lesson by “right-clicking” anywhere on the black bar and selecting “Save Audio As”.
— all sermons are by David Halbrook, unless specified otherwise

Newly Added:

The “What” of Worship

The “Why” of Worship



Words Require Workmen (Gospel, Church, Divorce, Wine)



What Does the Bible Say About the Anniversary of Jesus’ Birth? (lesson begins at 45 sec)

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas? (Charts in .pdf)


Traits of Truth


Giving: An Opportunity to Learn


Is Evidence Necessary for Faith?


Is Denominationalism Included in Christ’s Plan for His Church?


Is the Bible the Word of God?


Colossians 4:5-6 and Same-Sex Marriage


Viewing God’s People as a Family (1)

Viewing God’s People as a Family (2)


We Need to Talk About Death (Parts 1)

We Need to Talk About Death (Parts 2)


Psalm 90: Lesson for a New Year



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  1. Hunter Davis says:

    Can I get the audio file for the lesson on “is the Bible the word of God”?

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