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These are in pdf format. If you would like the PowerPoint version, an outline, or a CD of any sermon, contact us. The audio may be posted to the website by request. Send us your comments and questions on these topics. We want to discuss and study these things with you. New charts added May 2016.

Categories of sermons found below:

First Things (Bible basics)                                                         

Common Modern Error

The Church (Christians working together) 

Building Holy Lives       

Building Godly Homes

Sermon series: Why Jesus Came

  Learning from the Psalms

  Mary, The Mother and Servant of Jesus

Newest charts:

Jehoshaphat Delighted In The Lord’s Ways (Why He Did & Because He Did)  [2 lessons]

Psalm 77 (The Day of Trouble) & “Your Way Was In The Sea”  [2 lessons]

While Corinth Lacked Elders  What decisions must a congregation make while they lack elders?

Baptism–Pour, Sprinkle, or Immerse  This controversy reaches back at least to the second century–what is the will of the Lord concerning the use of water for baptism?

God Wants Us to THINK  God expects us to understand some things He has not said based upon what He has said.


First Things

Traits of Truth

Are You Seeking Questions, Answers, or Truth?

What Are The First Principles?

What Are The Second Principles?

Is The Bible The Word Of God?  Why should we trust the Bible?

Jesus, The Source  Things that come “straight from the source” are pure and clean and better than what drifts downstream over time. Jesus is the source of truth, comfort, and salvation.

Jesus The King  (John 18:37)  His kingship teaches us of prophecy, His kingdom, how to lead, and how to serve.

The Two Helpers: Jesus and The Spirit

Crucifixion Of Christ  Lessons connected with Jesus’ Death  [Criminal On Cross (pdf);
Criminal On Cross 

The Two Covenants   [3 Related lessons: Three Lessons From Two Covenants
Learn From The Old Covenant   Learn From the New Covenant]

What Is Conversion?

Understanding God’s Will & His Plan For Your Salvation

What Causes Men To Turn?   What factors help persuade men of the truth today?

Glorify God  God is glorified when His plans are accomplished in nature and in YOU!

Jesus Heals The Paralyzed Man

Common, Modern Error

Lucy Dethroned (Lucy [Australopithecus], evolution)

Principles of the Protestant Reformation  A basic summary of ideas promoted several hundred years ago which persist today, for better or worse.

Denominationalism  What is denominationalism? Is it an essential part of Jesus’ plan for Christians? Are there any alternatives?

Faith & Works

Modern Error In Noah’s Day  What if common, modern error existed in Noah’s day?

The One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit?

Parable of Soils Answers Modern Error

Serving God in the Christmas Season

Gods View Of Worship  Think about worship from God’s perspective

Jesus Teaches About True & False Worshipers

You Take Too Much Upon Yourselves (Numbers 16)  Lessons from the rebellion of Korah

A Non-Denominational Bible-Based Church  Many churches claim this–does the claim make it true?

Understanding One: God, Flesh, & Church  Is there one God or three? How are two people one flesh? How can there be one church?

God Cannot Lie   Sometimes God has made a promise but not kept it, requiring us to understand that some of God’s promises are conditional.

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas?

The Church: Christians Working Together In Christ

History of Assemblies in the Bible  Assemblies have regularly been in God’s plan for His people. Study what He said about them in the Old & New Testament.

Understand the Lord’s Will  Basic principles involved in understanding God’s will & objections answered.

Understand the Lord’s Will: The Church Must Teach the Lost  This is the 14th lesson in a series (chart 1 lists the other topics), focusing on what this God-given duty includes (requires) and excludes (forbids). Send us your comments and questions.

Understand the Lord’s Will: Churches Must Strengthen Christians  This is the 15th lesson in a series (chart 1 lists the other topics), focusing on what this God-given duty includes (requires) and excludes (forbids). Send us your comments and questions.

Understand the Lord’s Will: Church Must Meet Saints’ Needs This is the 16th lesson in a series (chart 1 lists the other topics), focusing on what this God-given duty includes (requires) and excludes (forbids). Send us your comments and questions.

The Church of Christ & The Churches of Christ (Similarities & Differences)  How are the “universal church” and “local churches” the same and different?

Note & Avoid  A study of how a local church must respond to Christians among them persisting in sin.

Moses Grew In Leadership  Learning from Moses how leadership develops, needed in all churches.

View God’s People as a Body

View God’s People as a Family

View God’s People As A Church

View God’s People As A Kingdom

View God’s People As Stones & Priests

Building Holy Lives

God’s Word Works In You Who Believe


Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us. . .

Learn to Pray Like . . . (David, Daniel, Jesus, the apostles)

The Armor Of God & Apathy

Holiness Versus Intoxication  What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol?

Lures of Lasciviousness  Why is Satan so successful with the sin of lewdness?

Lasciviousness & Uncleanness  Bible examples of people practicing these things (these sins are both ancient and modern!)

The Golden Rule & Gambling

The Golden Rule & Gambling: Common Questions

Wages & Gifts  What is the difference in how you respond to someone who gives you wages versus someone who gives you gifts?

Being Thankful Is Not Enough

Do It Yourself–But Not Alone  Four passages related to personal growth

What Death Accomplishes

Building Godly Homes

Before I Marry  Four essential truths that will possibly sweeten your marriage and save you some heartache if you learn them before you choose to marry.

Husbands Who Are Like Christ

Wives Who Are Like The Church

Aquila & Priscilla: Heirs Together  Learn valuable lessons from this somewhat obscure but fully faithful family.

What Children Need From You  Basic lessons all children need to learn from someone in their life. Will that someone be you?

Effective Training in the Home  Learn the importance of convincing, rebuking, and exhorting your family

Jesus Chose Judas  Why do people stop serving the Lord?

Why Jesus Came (completed series)

Why Jesus Came: Judgment [Blindness]   Why Jesus Came: Bring A Sword

Why Jesus Came: Call Sinners To Repent   Why Jesus Came: Fulfill Law

Why Jesus Came: To Give Abundant Life   Why Jesus Came: To Do The Father’ s Will

Why Jesus Came: To Preach                          Why Jesus Came- To Save Not Judge

Why Jesus Came: To Give His Life (final lesson in this series)

Learning From The Psalms

Go to the Psalms to Learn of Truth

Go to the Psalms to Learn Prophecy

Go to the Psalms to Learn God’s Deeds

Go to the Psalms to Learn God’s Character

Go to the Psalms in Times of Trial

Mary, the Mother & Servant of Jesus

Mary, Before Marriage

Mary, The Mother

Mary, Servant Of Christ

Mary, Servant Of Christ, Not Man

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