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This is a new section of our website, so we hope to add more content as it is developed. These lessons, designed for adult (possibly high school) Bible classes, are offered free of charge. Please do not alter the content without permission from the author. Feel free to offer feedback on these lessons (layout or content). If you are interested in lessons used in our Summer Bible Series (a.k.a. VBS), contact us. If there is general interest, some of that material could be posted here also. (Contact us if you have any problems opening any files)

Families in “Judges”  A topical study of the book of Judges, studying the spiritual condition of various families and how that contributed to the spiritual condition of the nation, with questions to aid application to modern families.  13 Lessons

Outline, Comments, and Questions on the book of Judges
Judges 1-3 (Intro, Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar)  Judges 4-5 (Deborah & Barak)  Judges 6-8   (Gideon) Judges 9 (Abimelech)  Judges 10-12 (Jephthah, Others) Judges 13-16  (Samson) Judges 17  (Family idolatry) Judges 18 (Tribe-wide idolatry) Judges 19 (Moral result of idolatry) Judges 20 (Consequences of immorality) Judges 21 (Complications of a rash vow)

Common Words Teaching Uncommon Truth   An eleven-lesson study looking at words used in the Bible that today are often only used in spiritual discussions (sometimes called “ecclesiastical words”). The goal of this study is to show that when these words were originally used by the Holy Spirit they were commonly used words, not special religious words. However, the basic, common meaning of these words were then used to reveal great spiritual truths that could be understood by all men and ought to be just as widely understood today.

People of Faith in Hebrews 11  This is an eleven-lesson textual/character study based on Hebrews 11. In each lesson we’ll study what is said about each person in this chapter and then do a general analysis of that person’s life as revealed in Scripture, wherein we can mine rich applications for our lives today.

Things God Loves  A fifteen-lesson study of various items which the Bible states or implies that God loves.

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