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Who May Eat Lord’s Supper When The Church Reassembles?  People use a variety of phrases when discussing this question (“The Second Serving,” “The PM Lord’s Supper,” etc.). This article seeks to rightly divide what God permits when a local church chooses to reassemble on the Lord’s Day.


8-14-16  Lulled by Luxury, What are the Old and New Testaments?, Flossing & Faith

8-7-16   Islam: A Christian’s Perspective, Changing the Label Makes Sin More Dangerous, Jesus Loved and Gave…

7-31-16  Instruction & Encouragement, Who Really Goes to Hell?, Your Last Words

7-24-16  The Christian’s Attitude Toward Contentment, Brotherhood Watchdogs, Vacation Bible School–Joy at the Jordan

7-17-16  Why Isn’t the Rod of Correction Working?, I’ll Never Be a Paul, Come Visit Us at the Fair

7-10-16  The Pain of Love, Are We Driving People Away?, Does God Only Accept Flawless Churches?

7-3-16  Receive Not The Grace of God in Vain, The Church’s Purpose, May We “Self-Identify” As A Church?

6-26-16  Anna, Can I Trust the Bible?

6-19-16  The Progression of Sin, Mules-Grudges-Bitterness, May We “Self-Identify” As A Christian?

6-12-16  A Miserable Life, The Burden of Life, “Oh My God!”, May We “Self-Identify” in Marriage?

6-5-16  What! No Special Programs?, Authorized Aids, Peace with Each Other, May we Self-Identify” Right and Wrong?

May 29, 2016  Self-Evaluation Survey, What Name Would God Give You?, May We “Self-Identify” As Anything?

May 22, 2016  Good Success in the Home, Acts 8: Simon, A Saint Who Stumbled

May 15, 2016 A Reader’s Question About Acts 8: “Samaria and The Spirit”, Trusting God

May 8, 2016  God Be Merciful to Me a Sinner, A Friend of God, A Question About “Acts 8–Samaria and the Spirit”

May 1, 2016  It’s Not Enough to be “For” the Right, The Sponsoring Church–A Denominational Concept, Acts 8:5-25– Baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus

April 24, 2016  Are Christians Sinless?, “According To All The Lord Commanded,” Acts 8:5-25– Samaria and the Spirit

April 17, 2016  Confronting Error with Truth, Acts 8:5-25: From Sorcerer to Saint, Acts 8:5-25–From Sorcerer to Saint

April 10, 2016  Great Gospel Meeting at Caesarea, Two Preachers: Amos and Amaziah

April 3, 2016  Teaching the Old Lessons, Could It Become So Intolerable You Must Leave?

March 27, 2016  Searching for the “Runaways,” Shutting Doors, “The Life is in the Blood”

March 20, 2016  Pastor or Preacher: Harmless Misunderstanding?, How Can You Tell?, Cross Centered Preaching, Human Councils & Modern Religion

March 13, 2016  Do What on Sunday?, When Temptations Come, “You Shall Be Witnesses”

March 6, 2016  How Long Has It Been?, Find the Time, Honest Study, Suicide: “A Life Not Worthy to be Lived”?

February 28, 2016  Love the Brotherhood, Partial Obedience, Suicide and the Purpose, Law, & Value of Life

February 21 2016  Is Your Money Any Good?, Are You Doing What You Can?, Modern Covenant Confusion

February 14, 2016  Do We ‘Lay It To Heart’?, Salvation By Perfection?, Contrasting Worship in the Two Covenants

February 7, 2016  “But I Want You To Know”, Abigail

January 31, 2016  God Hates A Proud Look, Want it Done Right? Or, Not At All?, Contrasting The Two Covenants

January 24, 2016  The Church of Christ Is Not A Sect, Remember This in the Lord’s Supper, Comparing the Two Covenants

January 17, 2016  Why My Family Needs the Bible, A Few Words About Our Thrill-Seeking Culture, The Two Covenants

January 10, 2016  “Exercise Yourself Toward Godliness?”, Danger Signals of Backsliding, Are You A “None”?

January 3, 2016  Bible Answers to Your Questions About Baptism, “Would I Be A Better Person If I Went to Church?”, Do You Want A Heart of Wisdom? Psalm 90

December 27, 2015  Hard Facts About Life, King Josiah: Keep Battling to the End, Traits of Truth (4): Frees

December 20, 2015    Proper and Improper Controversy; The Perfect Church; Traits of Truth (3): Sanctifies 

December 13, 2015  World’s Oldest Seed; Improving Our Worship; Traits of Truth (2): Limited Options

December 6, 2015  Good Teachers; Is There a Distinction Between the Law of God And the Law of Moses?   Traits of Truth (1): Truth & Reason

November 29, 2015  Thanksgiving: A Way of Life (excerpt); Hebrews 7:14 & Modern Priesthood

November 22, 2015  God Still Has Use For You; Hebrews 7:14 & The New Law

November 15, 2015  The Christian and the Local Church; The Indignity of “Right-to-Die”; Hebrews 7:14 & God’s Silence

November 8, 2015  Two Sources of Authority, Can Each Man Set His Own Standard, Hebrews 7:14

November 1, 2015  “If I Had A Hammer,” Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees, Sorrow & A Sad Countenance

October 25, 2015  Pastors-Bishops-Presbyters, “Fellowship”- As the Word is Used in the New Testament, The Criminal on the Cross

October 18, 2015  Hold to the Traditions But Know Why, Bitterness, John the Baptist (2)

October 11, 2015  Attitudes that Sweeten Marriage, John the Baptist (1)

October 4, 2015   Why No “Fellowship Hall” or Gym?, Church Business & Jesus’ Gifts (2)

September 27, 2015  The Profitable Word, Church Business & Jesus’ Gifts (1)

September 20, 2015  Why I Believe in Heaven, What Does God Want From Us in This Life?, The Transfiguration: Hear Him

September 13, 2015  The Precious Christ, Let’s Not Forget the Redemptive System

September 6, 2015  The Rich Young Ruler, We Wait by Faith, Peter Did Not Know What He Was Saying

August 30, 2015  “Watch Ye, Stand Fast In The Faith …”, Prayer And Praise In The Inner Prison, The Transfiguration of Jesus  

August 23, 2015  Everyday Holiness, Without Hope, Genderless Toy Sections & American “Tolerance”

August 16, 2015  For the Truth’s Sake: Contend for the Faith, Please Judge Me, Preaching Fear, Genderless Toy Section at Target

August 9, 2015  Why “Liberal” and “Conservative” Churches of Christ?, Unequally Yoked, “Casual Atmosphere, Serious Faith”

August 2, 2015  Sincere, Satan’s Blunders, Faith and Friends, “Plop, Pray, and Pay”

July 26, 2015  Listening to Young Atheists, Young People of the Bible (SBS)

July 19, 2015  Familiar Passage Renewed Meaning, Strange, There Is One Baptism: Holy Spirit or Water Baptism? (3)

July 12, 2105  What Makes A Congregation Strong?, There Is One Baptism: Holy Spirit or Water Baptism? (2)

July 5, 2015  Nathan the Prophet, How We Respond to Sinners, God’s Grace & Marriage Laws

June 28, 2015 When People Lose, Their Way, “Plane”ly Immodest Dress, There Is One Baptism: Holy Spirit or Water Baptism? (1)

June 21, 2015  Saving the Marriages of Our Unmarried Children, Joy, Gentleness, Prayer and Peace, First Things First (Understand God’s Word)

June 14, 2015   Do You Have A Wedding Garment?, What’s A Mother To Do?, First Things First (Worship)

June 7, 2015 The One Cup & Church in Jerusalem, First Things First (Marriage)

May 31, 2015  “In The Midst of a Crooked and Perverse Generation,” The Promises Of God: Yea, Amen, First Things First (Spiritual Life)

May 24, 2015  What Do You Think?, Can We Understand The Bible Alike? First Things First (Physical Life)

May 17, 2015  Are You Happy?, Baptism and Grace, First Things First (Sin & Death)

May 10, 2015  The Limitations Of Matthew 18:15-17 , What Did We Really Say?,  First Things First (Man)

May 3, 2015  Source of Wisdom, The Positive Side Of Discipline, First Things First

April 26, 2015  Fragmented Faith, What Makes A Good Sermon?

April 19, 2015  WARNING!  Find the Time!, Responding To Needs , Encourage Children To Be Spiritually-Minded,  If The Apostle Paul Were Coming To Town

April 12, 2015  The Sower,  You Won’t Have Them Long!, God Sent Not His Son… To Condemn the World

April 5, 2015  Troubled Over Immorality,  After Death, Before Resurrection

March 29, 2015  Easter Sunday, “Sound Speech Or Sound Silence?”, Tithing, We Need To Talk About Resurrection

March 22, 2015  Love and Truth: A Powerful Combination , “Let Brotherly Love Continue”, Email Education, We Need To Talk About Death (2)

March 15, 2015  The Quest For Things, Are You Saved?, We Need To Talk About Death (1)

March 8, 2015  Does the Right to Act Mean the Act is Right?, Unfamiliar Bible Words: Church (3)

March 1, 2015  True or False? (excerpt), The Problem of Private Lust, Unfamiliar Bible Words: Church (2)

February 22, 2015  5 Views of Baptism: What View Do You Hold?, When A Young Person Grows Old, Unfamiliar Bible Words: Church

February 15, 2015  A Baptist Speaks Concerning The Baptist Church, Despising the Severity of God

February 8, 2015  Why Should I Trust The Bible?, Is Modern Man a Believing Man?, An All Too Common Source of Straying, Despising the Goodness of God

February 1, 2015 Can You be Trusted?, What Can I Do?, Changing the Purpose, Changes Everything (3)

January 25, 2015  Attitudes, One Who Sows Discord, Changing the Purpose, Changes Everything (2)

January 18, 2015  Watching Our Words, Your Words, Already at a Church Near You, Changing the Purpose Changes Everything (1) 

January 11, 2015  Not Surprising, “The Good Ole Days” (Eccl. 7:10)

January 4, 2015  The Wisdom in God’s Word, The Seed Principle, “The end of a thing is better than its beginning” (Eccl. 7:8)

December 28, 2014  Danger of Ingratitude, I Am A Total Dependent, What Doth The Lord Require?  (Micah 6:8), The End

December 21, 2014  For the Truth’s Sake: Honor Christ at All Times of the Year, Christian Vacation, Christmas: By What Authority?

December 14, 2014  How Churches Can Develop Their Young People, The Purpose of Our Assemblies, Matthew 21:23: “By What Authority Are You Doing These Things?”

December 7, 2014  The Importance of Genesis, Preach Christ and Not…, Have You Been to a True Sanctuary?

November 30, 2014  The Rapture—Again, Easier Prevented Than Removed, Unfamiliar Bible Words: Fornication, The Good & Right Way

November 23, 2014  Can We Withdraw from the Withdrawn?, Thanksgiving, A Little Leaven…, Unexpressed Thanks-Love-Faith

November 16, 2014  Everyone Unto His Work, Sons (and Daughters) of Encouragement, Are You A Tree or a Post?

November 9, 2014  Two Men Can’t Agree on Religion, Some Scriptures Discussed: Eph. 6:10-20, Ten Questions About the Holy Spirit & His Word, “Who Do Men Say That I Am?”

November 2, 2014  God & the Google Effect, How Are You Spending Your Time?, What Does the Bible Teach About Voting?

October 26, 2014

October 19, 2014  Why Forgive?; The Lord’s Supper; Jesus’ Baptism & Ours; The True Grace of God

October 12, 2014  Is There a Difference Between “Gospel” & “Doctrine”?; Speaking in Tongues (3)

October 5, 2014  For In One Spirit; The Glory of Young Men is Their Strength…; Speaking in Tongues (2)

September 28, 2014  The Church is Not a Social Center; Eli: A Weak Leader; Wise Counsel; Speaking in Tongues (1)

September 21, 2014  What Does Jesus Expect from Members of His Churches?; Love That Is From God

September 14, 2014  What is Liberalism?; The Fear of the Lord; What is Doctrine?

September 7, 2014   Preaching Which Saves; Preaching & Teaching

August 31, 2014  What Does God Expect From Children in His Family?; Pleasure & Vanity; The Authority of Christ (Fall Gospel Meeting)

August 24, 2014 What is “Church Membership”?; People of Faith in Hebrews 11

August 17, 2014  When You Come Together; Zaccheus; What is Wrong with Playing Songs to God? (2)

August 10. 2014  Words; Instrumental Music at Home; What is Wrong with Playing Songs to God? (1)

August 3, 2014  The Word of the Truth of the Gospel; The Peril of Self-Pity; The Bible: God’s Only Book of. . .

July 27, 2014  Rejecting the Reins; Are You A Legalist?; Baptized FOR the Remission of Sins

July 20, 2014  Would You Be Embarrassed?; Can We Know We Are Right?

July 13, 2014  What is Wrong with Playing Songs?; Phygellus or Onesiphorus?

July 6, 2014  Young People, Read the Bible!; Investigate the church of Christ; Families, Churches, & Christians

June 29, 2014  The Bible Teaches Individual Responsibility (2); Endurance; Governments, Citizens, Churches, and Christians

June 22, 2014  The Bible Teaches Individual Responsibility (1); An Oft Overlooked Beatitude;  An Escape From Suicide & Sin in One Night (2)

June 15, 2014  Discharging the Deserters; Some Things That May Surprise You About the Church of Christ; An Escape From Suicide & Sin in One Night (1)

June 8, 2014  Know Your Enemy & Meet Him With Vigilance; Rebuke; Jesus Turned Water to Wine

June 1, 2014  Medicinal Use of Alcohol; Hated By All

May 25, 2014  Evil’s Test of Character; One Thing; The Word “Wine” in the Bible

May 18, 2014  A Secret Worth Learning; Bad News; Alcohol & Drunkenness

May 11, 2014  Wives & Mothers: God’s Keepers of the Home; Facts About God’s Forgiveness

May 4, 2014  What is Apostasy?; The Importance of Thoughts; Facts About Sin

April 27, 2014  If We Love We Will Obey; I Don’t Want to Grow Up; Looking Back on Easter

April 20, 2014  Doctrines of Demons; Some Scriptures Discussed (Gen. 11:1-9); Can We Understand the Bible Alike?

April 13, 2014  The Wise Are Well-Advised; Membership in a Local Church; How To Understand the Bible

April 6, 2014  Toward More Effective Teaching (2); Brief Thoughts; Do You Understand the Bible?

March 30, 2014  The Church of the Next Generation; Toward More Effective Teaching (1); Can We Understand the Bible?

March 23, 2014  God’s Grace in Trials; Are We Under Law?; Ban Bossy (2)

March 16, 2014  Painting with a Broad Brush; Misunderstood; Ban Bossy (1)

March 9, 2014  How Do I Know If I’m Going to Heaven?; Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus Christ; You Must Stand; Who is in Control?

March 2, 2014  “While I Was Busy Here & There”; Rise Up & Build or Sit Down & Rot!

February 23, 2014  What Constitutes a STRONG Church?; Taking Chances

February 16, 2014  Does the Church Save?; Putting Our Trust in the Lord; “A Thousand Conflicting Interpretations”

February 9, 2014  Disney Channel Promotes LGBT Agenda; Followers of Jesus; Dedicated to Prayer; Creation vs (macro)Evolution

February 2, 2014   Bold & Fearless Preaching; Live Peaceably with All Men(2); The Forgotten Practice of Debating

January 26, 2014   Suggestions for Our Bible Class Teachers; Live Peaceably with All Men; Whose Word Do You Believe?

January 19, 2014  Why the New York Giants Do Not Have Cheerleaders; Are You A Robber?; When May I Tell A Lie?

January 12, 2014  Inconsistency of Atheist: Moral Law; Two Questions Related to “May a Spouse Who Commits Adultery Marry Another?”; Killing Truth

January 5, 2014  Jesus Christ: Man with a Mission; May a Spouse Who Commits Adultery Marry Another?; Put on the New Man

December 29, 2013  The Faith-Filled Fearless Fighter, The Holy Spirit Gives Great Assurance [2], Jesus & Religion

December 22, 2013  The Holy Spirit Gives Great Assurance [1], Two Seas, God Warns About Human Traditions (basic study)

December 15, 2013  God Warns About Human Traditions (expanded study), Have You Not Read?
{no bulletin for December 8}

December 1, 2013  Remaining Faithful, Martha & Mary, Lessons from Philip & the Ethiopian

November 24, 2013  Married to an Unbeliever, Brief Thoughts

November 17, 2013  Covering Sin, It May Be Closer Than You Think, Philip Taught an Ethiopian

November 10, 2013  The Organization of the Church

November 3, 2013  Increase, The Last Days, Will This Marriage Survive?

October 27, 2013  Don’t Win the Battle But Lose Your Soul, How Shall the Old Secure Their Hearts?

October 20, 2013  Why Study Church History?, O Lord–Give Us Fathers, Monumental Lessons (1)

October 13, 2013  Encouragement–Something All of Us Can Use, A Church Shutdown

October 6, 2013  Truth is Truth Not “Positive” and “Negative”, The FIRST Family Trouble (2), Monumental Lessons (1)

September 29, 2013  Let No One Judge You, The FIRST Family Trouble (1)

September 22, 2013  Preach the Word, Walk Worthy of the Calling, Learn from Aquila & Priscilla

September 15, 2013  How Can I Make My Child Love God?

September 8, 2013  The Meaning of Contentment, The Early Church, Common Questions About Faith (2)

September 1, 2013  I Am A Soul Winner, But First…

August 25, 2013  Christ: A Crucified Savior (Part 2), “In Christ,” What Children Need Most

August 18, 2013  Many Books, Christ: A Crucified Savior (Part 1)

August 11. 2013  The Effects of Divorce on Children, Common Questions About Faith (1)

August 4, 2013  How Men Act When They Repent, Evil Suspicions, Who Said It?

July 28, 2013  The Fear of the LORD (excerpt), Trouble, Honor For & Help From Christ

July 21, 2013  Seeking Pearls, Why We Cannot Ignore Unfaithfulness to the Lord

July 14, 2013  Elements of Successful Discipline, Shifting Responsibility, The Fair-Minded Bereans

July 7, 2013  Like Newborn Babes, Just Raised in the Church, Salvation and the Book of Romans

June 30, 2013  The Relationship Between Truth & Emotion, God’s Plan for the Home, God Loves

June 23, 2013  Why Are Many Turned Off By Religion?, What We Know Is Right

June 16, 2013  Young People’s Program, How Long is the Line?, God Hates

June 9, 2013  Do We Have to Talk About That?, The Desire to Be First

June 2, 2013  Discipline in the Home, Believer’s Gene?, Sabbath-Keeping

May 26, 2013    What is a “Church of Christ-Affiliated” School?

May 19, 2013  The Benefits of a Small Church, Grace & Obedience

May 12, 2013  Let Me Not Wander from Your Commandments, To Boldly Go

May 5, 2013  What the Bible Teaches About the Love of God, Better Manners Than the NewTestament, One Woman Wonders About Worship

April 28, 2013  Where We Pitch Our Tents, You Are What You Eat

April 21, 2013  Painless Discipleship, Let’s Not Be Narrow, Lewdness

April 14, 2013  Four Biblical Reasons for Christians to Cover their Nakedness (A Study in Modesty)

April 7, 2013  “Teach Tolerance,” Understanding the New Birth, Right & Wrong

March 31, 2013  The Role of Father, Passages for Parents and Grandparents to Ponder

March 24, 2013  One Who Sows Discord, Forgiving From the Heart, Which Day Most Reminds You of Jesus’ Resurrection?

March 17, 2013  How Do You Receive the Truth?, All Out of Love, What Ruins a Good Influence?

March 10, 2013  Things I Saw This Past Week, Did the First Churches Only Assemble on the First Day of the Week?, The Anniversary of Jesus’ Death

March 3, 2013  God Expects Man to Understand, What Is Your Attitude Toward Brethren Whose Children Go Wrong? (Part 2)

February 24, 2013 What Is Your Attitude Toward Brethren Whose Children Go Wrong? (Part 1), Set You Mind on Things Above, When the “Pope” Resigns

February 17, 2013  Balancing Duty & Devotion, Forsake All,

February 10, 2013  A Second Chance, The Necessity of Bible Study for the Christian, Church Business 

February 3, 2013  Free Fish, More Flies with Honey?

January 27, 2013  Knowing the Doctrine

January 20, 2013  When the Holy Spirit Speaks: Strong Feeling–or Words?, Learning to Worship God, Husbands: Your Job Is No Excuse

Janurary 13, 2013  A Few Make History, Faithful to God or a Movement?, Whose Child Are You?

January 6, 2013  A Transformed Individual, Why Do Marriages Fail?, Who Is A Homemaker?

December 30, 2012  Why Are There Four Gospels?, Rise of the Nones, In the Beginning God Created

December 23, 2012  Do You Want Many To Be Saved?, Loyal To Christ, Is Christmas a Holy Day For the Church?

December 16, 2012  Defiling the Body, Older People & the Lord’s Work, The Roman Road to Salvation

December 9, 2012  The Mourner’s Bench Causes God to Mourn, Give Attention to Reading, The Mourner’s Bench Causes God to Mourn (shorter version for newspaper)

December 2, 2012  An Ideal Assembly!, “By Faith Only?”, Has God Saved You?

November 25, 2012  Don’t Just Go to Church, Be the Church; A Baptist Preacher on Church Socials; Thankful or Futile

November 18, 2012  Ask & It Shall Be Given Unto You; Saints & Miracles

November 11, 2012  Consider the Apples in a Seed; Lack of Daily Bible-Reading Among Churchgoers; Paul’s Desire to Teach the Lost: Is It In You?

November 4, 2012  “I Do Not Agree With Paul”; A Christian Prays: Do You?

October 28, 2012  Obscene Movies & TV Programs; “Do I Have To Worship?”

October 21, 2012  Red, Yellow, Black, or White: Conversions in Acts; The Nonprofit Life; God Cares About Doctrine

October 14, 2012  Bearing Grudges; Children & Responsibility; God Cares How We Give

September 30, 2012  Families in the Local Church (2); Why Did David Use Instruments?; God Cares How We Pray

September 23, 2012  Families in the Local Church (1); The Two Covenants; God Cares How We Eat the Lord’s Supper

September 16, 2012  “Lord, Is It I?”; God Cares How

September 9, 2012  Can A Good Man Be Saved And Not Be A Member of the Church?; “Spanking: No Ill Effects”; Empty-Handed When We Come & Go; God Cares When Divorce Happens

September 2, 2012  The Logical Consequences of Belief in God; Sing to the Lord; God Cares Who We Divorce

August 26, 2012  The Role of the Mother in the Home; Consider the Apples in a Seed; God Cares Who We Marry

August 19, 2012  Who Are We?; Why Should I Trust The Bible?; God Cares What We Eat

August 12, 2012  Effects of No Church Discipline; Joseph Divorces Mary; Does God Care What We Eat?

August 5, 2012  “Sinfully Delicious” Hamburgers; WWJW: What Would Jesus Write?

July 29, 2012  How To Pray in Public; The Crucifixion of Jesus; The Need for Meekness; “Sinfully Delicious” Hamburgers

July 22,2012  Keep It Simple; To My Mothers & Fathers In The Faith; Bible Roads

July 15, 2012  More Baby-Boomers Divorcing; Why God’s People Must Be People of the Book; Fools & Foolishness; Those Who Happened to be There

July 8, 2012  Who Put “Fellowship” in Fellowship Halls?; Fellowship Halls

July 1, 2012  Have You Not Read?; Still Fighting Sin?; Why Go To Worship?; In The Beginning, God

June 24, 2012  The Man Who Isolates Himself; Sober-Minded In Every Sense of the Term; Clergy & Laity

June 17, 2012  Are You Living in Hope?; How Can We Develop Moral and Spiritual Leadership in the Home? (Part 2); Sprinkled & Washed

June 10, 2012   Listen to the Sons of the World, How Can We Develop Moral and Spiritual Leadership in the Home? (Part 1), The Foolishness of Man; Before 1727

June 3, 2012  We Didn’t Meet Wednesday Night, What the Seat Can Endure, What is the Gospel?

May 27, 2012 How Can I Make This Church Strong?; Do It Because You Don’t Want To; The Family of Christ

May 20, 2012  Successful Evangelism; Are Any NT Examples Binding?; The Rural Arkansas Disconnection

May 13, 2012  Churches Less Popular Than Restaurants, Pubs, and Sports Bars, How To Avoid A Factitious Spirit; Parents Who Are Like God

May 6, 2012  The Work of the Church; “A Clanging Cymbal”; Husbands Who Are Like Christ

April 29, 2012  Weather Prophets Quit!; Comments on Eph. 5:33 (Part II); Wives Who Are Like the Church

April 22, 2012  Did Our Gospel Meeting Do Any Good?; Comments on Eph. 5:33; When Was The Ethiopian Saved?

April 15, 2012  The Work of an Evangelist; Do We Lay It To Heart?

April 8, 2012  Why Send for Peter?; Find the Scripture; What is a Gospel Meeting

April 1, 2012  The “Evil” of Isaiah 45:7; “Criticize Other Religions?”; The Church of Christ; Who is the Church of Christ in Quail Valley?

March 25, 2012  The Importance of Studying the Old Testament; Am I Growing Spiritually?; How We Learn; Scripture: God’s Official Teachings

March 18, 2012  Putting Trust In Someone; For Sale; Are You Concerned About the Future of the Church?; Ps. 40; Questions Atheists Ask: Did God Create Evil?

March 11, 2012  Are Babies Safe?; Maturity in Christ; Sacraments & Church Ordinances

March 4, 2012  Why People Misunderstand the Bible; Would You Give Up?; The Bible Is “The Book”

February 26, 2012  The Father Draws…But How?; Non-Traditional Marriages; Do You Know Immersion’s Role In Salvation?

February 19, 2012  Six Questions of Life For Young People; Love Your Children By Loving Your Mate; Do You Know Confessions Role In Salvation?

February 12, 2012  Must One Understand the Purpose of Baptism?; “I Have Heard the Reproach of Moab”; Do You Know Repentance’s Role In Salvation?

February 5, 2012  Common Religious Myths; What Are Your Reasons For Giving?; Do You Know Faith’s Role In Salvation?

January 29, 2012  What Do I Bring To Worship?; Let There Be No Strife; Do You Know Who Has Faith That Saves?

January 22, 2012  Grace: Don’t Tell Me What It Isn’t; It’s Terrible To Grow Old; Questions Atheists Ask: Did Man Invent God?

January 15, 2012  Heart and Commandment, Hospitality–Serving Christ

January 8, 2012  No Progress Without Practice, 21st Century Evangelism: The Growing Vs. The Dying Church, The Lord’s Supper

January 1, 2012  New Year’s Resolutions, Careful To Answer, One Thing I Know, Why Should I Go To Church?

December 25, 2011  Christmas and Jesus’ Birth: What’s the Difference?, Let the House Come To Order, Questions Atheists Ask: Why Sickness?

December 18, 2011  Rooted In History, Beware, Christmas & Jesus’ Birth: What’s the Difference?

December 11, 2011 Less Is More, Your Child Deserves The Best, The Death Penalty

December 4, 2011  The Church-The Assembly, “Thou Hast Revealed Them Unto Babes,” “Where Did All The Churches Come From?”

November 27, 2011  Praying For Evangelism, Personalized Religion, Thanksgiving

November 20, 2011  When Words Wound Me, Forsaking The Assembly, Do We Inherit Sin or A Sinful Nature?

November 13, 2011  Is Withdrawing Fellowship Mean?, They Devoted Themselves, Questions Atheists’ Ask: Who Made God?

November 6, 2011  An Injustice Done To Men, What Baptism Does Not Do, Till Kingdom Come–What Are You Waiting For?, A Reader Asks: Did Jesus Name His Church?

October 30, 2011  A Notable Quote on the Frequency of the Lord’s Supper, Salvation By Grace “Not Of Works,” How God Identifies Others

October 23, 2011  Are You Bored With Worship?, I’d Rather Be A Doorkeeper, How God Identifies Himself

October 16, 2011  I Could Have Been A Better Athlete; Questions To Ask BEFORE You Decide, Lessons From the Flood [4]: God Saves Man By Water

October 9, 2011  Seven Slippery Slopes of Sabbatarianism-4; Two Men Have An Unfaithful Child; Episcopalians Debate Jesus & Salvation; Lessons From the Flood [3]: Do Not Add To God’s World

October 2, 2011  Till Terrible Illness Do We Part; Cheerleaders Told To Cover Up

September 25, 2011  On Wearing Humanly Devised Religious Names, That Suddenly Uncomfortable Cheerleading Uniform, Lessons From The Flood (1): Most Are Lost

September 18, 2011  What God Has Promised, Challenges in Growth, A Question About Baptism & the Thief

September 11, 2011  An Oft Overlooked Beatitude, How Are You Spending Your Time?, Basics of Baptism

September 4, 2011  A Holy Highway, “Just As I Am,” I Was Wrong, Results

August 28, 2011  Would Anybody Notice?, Are Gospel Meetings Outdated?, Come and Hear–Even If You Don’t Agree

August 21, 2011  Filled With The Holy Ghost, Exhortation, Would Jesus “Rock This House” For Ten Dollars Per Head?

August 14, 2011  God Expects Man To Understand His Will, A Unique Command, Who Is The Rock of the Church?

August 7, 2011  The Man You Want Your Daughter To Marry, “The Cup” of the Lord’s Supper, Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, “Get Happy Now!”

July 31, 2011  Are You Perfect?, Why Did God Command For Nations To Be Killed? Everywhere In Every Church

July 24, 2011  Living Together, Abstain From Every Form of Evil, Will A Dead Faith Save You?

July 17, 2011  Oh, Be Careful Little…, Is It Okay To Argue Scripture?, Another New Church?

July 10, 2011  With All Readiness, Diligence

July 3, 2011  Significance of the Lord’s Resurrection; VBS at a “Full-Service Congregation”; Animal House

June 26, 2011  Questions & Answers About Baptism; The Superexposure of Nudity; Evolutionary Speculation Wrong Again; Fornication & Adultery Pride Month?

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