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Recent articles:

Jesus Loved and Gave. . .

Many things were available before and without Jesus coming to earth, such as marriage, laughter, delicious food, and games/sports. Jesus’ love for mankind caused Him to agree to participate in the eternal purpose of offering saving grace (Eph. 3:1-11). Part of that plan was to give gifts—workers who would strengthen the spirits of the saints (Eph. 4:8-16). Read about the workers in Eph. 4:11 and their work in verse 12. Compare that with modern workers and work.
Locally, “churches” work in and send workers to lead Bingo (a form of gambling), “Christian” fundamental baseball training, basketball (have you heard of “Hoops Church”?), etc. In your Bible, did apostles or prophets ever have a game or sports “ministry”? In your Bible, which church hosted any event like these?
The church in Troas hosted preaching and the Lord’s Supper (Acts 20:7). In Jerusalem, the apostles gathered the church to discuss how to meet the needs of the saints, not the recreational desires of the community (Acts 6:1-7). Read your Bible and compare yourself, your church, us, and this article to what you read. Then, do the Father’s will (Mt. 7:21).
(David Halbrook)


What things may we “self-identify”?
May We “Self-Identify” Our Gender? (ongoing gender-identity and bathroom controversy)
May We “Self-Identify” Right & Wrong?
May We “Self-Identify” In Marriage?
May We “Self-Identify” As A Christian?
May We “Self-Identify” As A Church (Does Jesus Expect Perfection From Churches?)

Acts 8: The Gospel in Samaria series
Related– A Question About Samaria & The Spirit (Full Version) Do the events between Ananias and Saul of Tarsus prove the Spirit’s power was given by non-apostles–the power which Acts 8:14-18 indicates belonged to the apostles?

    The Two Covenants  (five short articles comparing and contrasting the two covenants)
– Charts of recent series of sermons on The Two Covenants (for three related sermons, click on Sermon Charts). Audio is available upon request.

  The Criminal On The Cross (article)  Contact us for a free CD of this lesson or listen to it now—


John The Baptist  A summary of his life and lessons for today (such as bold preaching, sacrificing pleasure, what was his personal role in the history of the Baptist Church?) 

  Other Series:  There Is One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit (1)  There is One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit (2)   There is One Baptism: Water or Spirit? (3)
— Charts on The One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit? (in .pdf format; contact us for an outline, audio copy of this lesson, with comments and questions, or for a private Bible study)

 Other articles of general interest and importance:
* Who Is JesusWho Do Men Say I Am?   Who Do You Say I Am?
* Marriage  and  God’s Grace & Marriage Laws 
First Things: Understand God’s Word  Man  Worship

Read more about “Fellowship Halls“–  Who Put Fellowship In Fellowship Halls?
Church Business & Jesus’ Gift s (1)  What does Ephesians 4:11-16 say on this topic?
Church Business & Jesus’ Gifts (2)  Are churches who host parties (Valentine’s Day, senior’s dinners, or retirement receptions, etc) doing the church’s business?


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