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Current articles:
Hebrews 7:14   Hebrews 7:14 & Silence   Heb. 7:14 & New Law  Heb. 7:14 & Priesthood

The Criminal On The Cross (article)  Contact us for a free CD of this lesson or listen to it now—

John The Baptist  A summary of his life and lessons for today.
Church Business & Jesus’ Gift s (1)  What does Ephesians 4:11-16 say on this topic?
Church Business & Jesus’ Gifts (2)  Are churches who host parties (Valentine’s Day, senior’s dinners, or retirement receptions, etc) doing the church’s business?

  Recent Series: There Is One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit (1)  There is One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit (2)   There is One Baptism: Water or Spirit? (3)
— Charts on The One Baptism: Water Or Holy Spirit? (in .pdf format; contact us for an outline, audio copy of this lesson, with comments and questions, or for a private Bible study)

 Other articles of general interest and importance:
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* Marriage  and  God’s Grace & Marriage Laws 
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Three Views of the Local Church: God’s View   The World’s View  Christian’s Views 

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Ruth says:

    What do you call the area where you worship?
    Also where in the bible does it say you should have church on Wednesday night

    • qvco8457 says:

      I hope you received my private response when you originally wrote, but for all who might be interested–
      We have no official name for the room where we assemble for public worship (just like there is no such official name in Scripture). Sometimes I call it an auditorium, like any room used for a gathering might be called. Consider that in Acts 20:7-8, Luke identifies the place where the disciples gathered on the first day of the week as “the upper room.” That’s not a spiritually-significant term—just a simple way to identify the place where they met. We do likewise.
      Today, there are no holy robes, holy priests (other than all saints 1 Pet. 2:5), holy vessels for holy water, etc. or sanctuaries. These things were all “shadows” in the Old Covenant that preceded Christ and His New Covenant. My words and explanation may not be completely clear. Read Hebrews 8:1-6 (and Hebrews 9:9-11), and the words of the Holy Spirit there will help you see the difference I am referring to.
      Regarding an assembly on Wednesday night, each congregation may decide how often throughout the week to meet. Sometimes, a church may assemble every day, like they did in Jerusalem (Acts 2:46). Where there is no choice, is that God’s people and churches must assemble on the Lord’s Day, the first day of the week (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 16:2; Rev. 1:10).
      Good questions. Thank you for writing, and I hope you’ll write again.

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